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Creating Mailing Lists

Via menu entry Mailing lists you get an overview about already created mailing lists.

A new mailing list will be created either in the main menu of BwPostman with the button Add mailing list or in the overview of the mailing lists with the button New in the toolbar. The view Mailinglist details appears and one is at the tab Edit mailinglist.

Each mailing list needs a title/name and a description. Both can be displayed in the front-end.

In the select list access level you can determine, who can subscribe to this mailing list. When a subscriber is not allowed to subscribe to this mailing list, then it will not be shown in the select list in the front-end.

In order to be able to select the mailing list in the front-end, it must be published. This can be done in the details (mode Edit) of the mailing list. But also a click to the symbol in the column Published in the overview of the mailing lists switches the state, too.

At the tab Mailinglists permissions the permissions or exactly this mailing list may be edited.

A mailing list can be edited by clicking at the title in the overview of the mailing lists or while checking the check box in front of the title and clicking at the button Edit in the toolbar. The view Mailinglist details appears and one is at the tab edit mailinglist [ID = nn].

A user can't select unpublished mailing lists in the front-end, but in the back-end an administrator or a person with appropriate rights can allocate each usergroup to this mailing lists. In this way you can enable access to this mailing lists to “hand selected” usergroups.

Archived mailing lists will not be displayed in the overview!

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