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Since version 1.1.0 BwPostman has a great template system for newsletters. Many thanks to Karl Klostermann for this. It is not only his idea, he realized it. Very great!

Thanks to the provided default templates for HTML and text newsletters, it is now also possible for less experienced users to send out optical attractive newsletters, that meets the corporate identity, the appearance of the association or or or and really looks well on mobile devices. Simply copy one of the delivered templates, give a new name and make changes to your wishes.

For the experienced user there are free templates also for HTML and text newsletters. Here you are completely free in design. Important to know, that despite of the high grade of freedom the newsletter finally gets added a table with the imprint by BwPostman.

You may create as many templates as you want. In example you may create an own, individual template for each mailing list.

Templates will be assigned to the newsletters while creating a newsletter. There you select the desired template from lists of HTML and text templates. To simplify the selection, a thumbnail will be shown at the tool-tip.

One each HTML or text template you can set to default. This then is the preselection, if you create a new newsletter.

Like all other sections of BwPostman you reach the templates by main menu of BwPostman with a click to templates. With the buttons Add HTML-Template and Add Text-Template you create a free HTML or text template. Templates also are reached by main menu of Joomla!® with Components → BwPostman →  Templates.

If you change a template of an existing newsletter, then all additional input, that you made in editor, will be lost. This is the same behaviour like you know doing changes at selected content in first tab while editing a newsletter. Unfortunately there is no other solution feasible.


Install Templates

Since version 1.3.0 of BwPostman there is a possibility to install further standard templates. To do this there exists a button Install template at the toolbar. A click to the button leads to a view, where you may select and install the template package. The packages is a ZIP archive – as usual at Joomla!® – , that will be installed with a click to the button Start template installation. Now a view appears, where you see the single steps of the installation of the template. A click at the button back leads you back to the list of templates. Afterwards the new template is available like all other templates for the use at a newsletter.

New templates you may get at the downloads for BwPostman at Boldt Webservice.


Templates of BwPostman don't have to do something with templates of Joomla!®! While templates for Joomla!® are build to display websites all the same in all browsers as desired by the website owner, templates for BwPostman are made to give the same look-and-feel for the newsletters of BwPostman at all mail clients. But while even some “renegade” browser manufacturers made their browsers standard-compatible, at the mail clients is heavy proliferation the norm, which grows with each second mobile device.


Export Templates

Since version 2.1.0 of BwPostman there is the ability to export templates. With this You are able to transfer templates created for one installation to another.

After activating the checkbox of the desired template at the list of templates and a click to Export template a file is created that contains the template in a installable manner. When this process has finished, a message with a download button is displayed. This file also is stored at


and can be deleted from there as well using the Media-Manager of Joomla!®.

Since version 3.0.0 the storing path for the exported template is


The file name contains the ID of the exported template, because the ID is surely unique, there are no two templates with the same ID. The title of the template cannot be used (quite alone).

You don't have to conserve the file name, the import of the template works with every file name.


Standard Templates

Standard templates are predefined templates for newsletters, that you may use directly. The title of the included standard templates begins – who wonders – with standard. They all are responsive. That means, that they look well even on small displays, which occurs on mobile devices. Nevertheless standard templates can be individualized widely. To keep out of harm's way I suggest to copy a provided template and then adjust. If an adjustment is not possible with one provided template: Perhaps it is possible with another?

At the left you make the adjustments, at the right you see a preview of the template, that will be refreshed by clicking to Refresh preview. A refresh also will be done, if the template will be saved.

Tab Generals

Here you do the general settings to the template. The template gets a name and a description, you set the width of the newsletter as also the font size, the space and the colour for font and background of the various sections. Here you also may select a little image, a so called thumbnail. This image is shown in the list of the templates as preview and in the tool-tip at the select list, if you create a newsletter.


This preview image is not identically to the preview at editing a template! The preview while editing is dynamically and can be refreshed again and again, while the thumbnail is a static image, in example created with a screenshot.

This preview image is not created automatically by BwPostman! You can create such a preview image, if you take a screenshot of the newsletter. You quite may take the screenshot from the preview while editing the template. Before version 3.0.0 BwPostman looks for preview images at the folder <Joomla-installation-directory>/images/bw_postman, since version 3.0.0 at  <Joomla-installation-directory>/images/com_bwpostman. Here you have to upload the saved image. Uploading you can do with Media Manager if Joomla!®, which you will find at Content → Media Manager.

Tab Header

Here you define the header, with which the newsletter begins. It consists by logo and/or text. You can select whether show only the logo, only the text or both in the header of the newsletter.

If you chose logo and text, then alignment Left or Center means, that the logo is shown at left and the text at right. Right means, that the logo appears at right and the text at left.

Of you select only logo or only text, then alignment works as expected.

The text can be entered in two lines, for which you may select different font sizes. The colours for font, background and shadow of header you also chose here. Shadow only works with standard template Deep Blue.

Tab Intro

In the newsletter then follows the intro with a heading and a text. The text can be personalized. Only place the cursor to the desired place in intro text and click to the button [FIRSTNAME], [LASTNAME] or [FULLNAME].

You can select, if the intro will be used or not. Furthermore you can change the heading as well as the text in newsletter at the tabs HTML-Newsletter and Text-Newsletter.

Tab Articles

After that the single articles follow. The single articles may be divided by a divider, for which you may select a colour. In addition you can set, if the author of the article and the creation date shall be shown.

You may add a button Readon for each article. This is useful, if you only want to show a teaser in Newsletter to read the full article at your website. For this button Readon you can select colour of font, the button and the shadow..

If there are changes to a standard template afterwards, that impacts the article (in example width of newsletter, background colour of articles, font colour, show author and so on), at an existing newsletter you have to switch to another template and switch back to this template or you have to change selected content, to adopt the changes. Unfortunately there is no other solution feasible.


Free Templates

Free Templates for newsletter are exactly that what the name says: Free! Free in positioning of the elements, free in the look of the elements. However this freedom has its price: There are no predefined sections, that you may adjust fast and easy only by clicking with the mouse. Here all is “hand made”. There are provided samples for each HTML and text templates. The title begins with Sample / Beispiel.

Because there are no predefined sections, there only are three (HTML Templates) or two (text templates) Tabs.

Here, too, counts: In the left you make your settings, in the right you see a preview of the template, that will be refreshed and updated by clicking to Refresh preview or saving the template.

Tab Generals

Here you enter a name and a description for the template and you can select a little image, a so called thumbnail. This image will be shown in the list of the templates and in tool-tip at the selection list while creating a newsletter.

This preview image is not identically to the preview at editing a template! The preview while editing is dynamically and can be refreshed again and again, while the thumbnail is a static image, in example created with a screenshot.

Then you set, if the author and/or the creation date of the article shall be shown and if there shall be a button Readon.

Tab Template CSS

This tab naturally does only exists at HTML templates. This is the section where you enter the CSS styles. CSS knowledge is needed and only pure CSS code is allowed!

Tab Template HTML/Template Text

Here you may compose your HTML framework for the newsletter. Under the editor you find several buttons for personalisation, content, unsubscribe and edit link and the imprint.

Simply set cursor at the desired position in editor and click to the button.