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Good things come to those who wait: Joomla! 4 is released. Not jet quite on the dot of starting Joomla! 4 there also will come a new version of BwPostman, BwPostman 4. This still may last some days.

BwPostman 4 is a complete new BwPostman, which doesn't work with Joomla! 3. Otherwise version 3.1.6 and former versions of BwPostman doesn't work with Joomla! 4.

Upgrade Process

Obviously here You have be a bit patient, until  BwPostman 4 are released.

Before the upgrade You should ensure BwPostman 3.1.6 is installed. If You don't have updated BwPostman to this version: Catch up on! The upgrade to Joomla! 4 is only tested and sure with version 3.1.6 of BwPostman!

At upgrade of Joomla! 3.10 to Joomla! 4 first a check is done by Joomla!, whether the system requirements are met and all extensions are compatible to Joomla! 4. For BwPostman there are shown three plugins, which are not compatible. To be sure You should deactivate these three plugins, before You upgrade Joomla! to version 4. These are the plugins:

  • Boldt Webservice LibRegister
  • BwPostman Plugin Media Override
  • BwPostman Plugin User2Subscriber

For the package of BwPostman is displayed, that You should update it before the upgrade to Joomla 4 is done. This is not correct: BwPostman can and may be updated only after the upgrade to Joomla! 4!

Now all is prepared on the part of BwPostman to do the upgrade to Joomla! 4. After the upgrade to Joomla! 4 You should update BwPostman immediately. If You go to System -> Update -> Extensions, the update to BwPostman 4 is presented. After this update You also should activate the both firstly mentioned deactivated plugins of BwPostman, to ensure proper work of BwPostman 4. The plugin User2Subscriber only has to be enabled, if You want to use it.

 Known Bugs And Problems

Solely for the plugin User2Subscriber a bug is known: At sending of the registration the entered values are checked. Most of all whether all needed values are entered. If all values are entered except the mailing list, the registration process is not abandoned, but the user gets registered with an account for the website, a subscription for a newsletter is not created. Work in progress…

It is remarkable, that  Joomla changed the handling of permissions. So it is impossible for me leastwise,  to deliver an user group, which is able to only manage the options of BwPostman but not the options of other extensions.


Plugin BwPostman TimeControl

The plugin BwPostman TimeControl probably will not be ready to the start of Joomla!4. But a version for Joomla! 4 will follow soon.

Final Note

Like Joomla! 4 BwPostman 4 got intensive testing before publishing. But it will probably happen, that the daily use, an endurance test,  will show bugs, which can't be detected before. Even for such a "small extension" like BwPostman, small compared with Joomla!, I can't exclude that. Because of this please expect some updates not only by Joomla! but also by BwPostman, especially because changes to Joomla! also may have an impact to BwPostman.

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