In this category you can ask your questions for the Joomla! extension BwPostman.
Here you can find general informations about BwPostman.

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Change language strings
by Romana
16 Oct 2018 21:37
Here you may share your comments and experience to BwPostman casually. /
Hier könnt ihr ganz zwanglos eure Kommentare und Erfahrungen rund um BwPostman mitteilen.

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Here you can ask your questions around BwPostman.

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Re: Nachrichtenformat nachträglich ändern
by Wolfgang
07 Aug 2019 10:00
Here You find informations and support for language packages and translations

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Re: French
by Romana
28 Nov 2018 19:42
BwPostman now has a BugTracker at bugtracking.boldt-webservice.de .

You may write bug reports, feature requests, follow these items or see the road map at bugtracking.boldt-webservice.de/roadmap_page.php .

Please notify me at the BugTracker, when you find bugs and errors. Please give informations as specific as possible, how you generated your bug or error. As specific you inform me, as better I can help.

Because of that, this forum category is closed for writing.

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Bwpostman now has a BugTracker at bugtracking.boldt-webservice.de .

There you can also ask for new features for BwPostman. I will see, what I can do...

Because of that, this forum category is closed for writing.

Moderators: Romana
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