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The Front-end usually shows the module of BwPostman at a module position to enable the visitors to subscribe to the (several) mailing lists.

As mentioned previously only the mailing lists will be shown here to which the visitor has access to. If only one mailing list is selectable, then the select list will not be shown to save a needless click. Is no mailing list available that the visitor may subscribe to, a warning message is displayed instead.

In front-end you are able show an overview of all newsletters, if a menu entry is created. The titles (subjects) of the newsletters are linked to show the single newsletter. Unpublished newsletters principally will not be displayed in the overview. Which newsletters are displayed you set at the options of the component and may override it in the options of the menu entry.

It is also possible to create a menu entry for a single newsletter.

Filters, that means select lists for mailing lists, user groups or campaigns, only are displayed, if there is something to select. If there is only one mailing list available to display, then a select list is redundant, because there is nothing to select and select lists are not displayed even if there is set something else at the options.

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Edit newsletter subscription

Finally you should enable the subscriber to edit or to delete his subscription while visiting the website. For this you also can create e menu entry in the front-end.

Editing the subscription for subscribers without user account in Joomla!® works with Double-Opt-In, too: If the subscriber clicks at this menu entry, it will be asked for his email address. To this address a link will be sent to edit the subscription, provided the subscriber has entered the correct email address. Clicking to this link the subscriber will be conducted to the web page, at that he/she may edit or delete the subscription.

Subscribers with an user account in Joomla!® are able to edit their subscription directly.

If a Subscriber changes the mail address, this new mail address has to be confirmed anew. This has to do with the double-opt-in. Since version 2.3.0 of BwPostman a message appears after saving the changes to notify the subscriber about the need to confirm the new mail address to be able to get newsletters furthermore.


At the end of each newsletter there are links to unsubscribe and edit the subscription. For Germany this is mandatory! A click to the link unsubscribe will not be processed immediately since version 1.2.0. This lead to remove the complete subscription, even if only this specific mailing list should be unsubscribed.

This behaviour also is mentioned as a problem, if a newsletter was forwarded. If the recipient of the forwarded newsletter clicked to unsubscribe, the origin subscriber was unsubscribed!

Because of that this link also leads to the page to edit subscription. Beneath the selectable mailing lists there is a checkbox to unsubscribe the whole subscription at once. The expense for the subscriber isn't grown essentially.

Since version 2.1.0 at the options of BwPostman there is a possibility so switch to the previous behaviour. With this the subscriber is completely archived and does not get any newsletter to the subscribed mailing lists.

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Newsletter Subscription

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