For the moment there is only a rarely tested version of BwTransifex. You should not test BwTransifex in a production environment!

Preliminary Remark

At the installation of BwTransifex it will be looked, if cTransifex is installed. When this is given and the table of the projects of BwTransifex does not contain any entry, then the tables of cTransifex are copied to BwTransifex, the settings of the component are transferred and the configuration for transifex.com of every single project are rewritten to the new API of transifex.com, if needed. For each entered resource it will be checked, if the entry already is in the new format and corrected if necessary.

The data of cTransifex are only read, not modified!

Compatibility to Joomla! 3

BwTransifex is written for Joomla! 4 and does not work with Joomla! 3. Nevertheless BwTransifex may be installed at Joomla! 3 and should also transfer the data of cTransifex to BwTransifex correctly. But this is not really tested!

Should the website, on which BwTransifex shall be used, still run with Joomla! 3, You first should Update to Joomla! 4, before You install BwTransifex. For the update to Joomla! 4 cTransifex should be deactivated, not uninstalled to keep the data of cTransifex!


  • cTransifex 1.5
  • php 7.4

Tested Procedure

  • Backup of the website, i.e. with Akeeba Backup
  • If not yet done: Deactivate extension cTransifex, do not uninstall!
  • If not yet done: Update the website from Joomla! 3 to Joomla! 4
  • Installation of BwTransifex
  • Adjust used links and Menu entries for the front end from cTransifex to BwTransifex
  • Success control:
    • Back end: Simply do an update of the language files per project. BwTransifex should at least catch all errors and show some helpful notes.
    • Front end: Check all links concerning Your translations


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