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Enter Subscribers and Test-Recipients

Normally subscribers subscribe to the mailing lists by themselves. More precisely mailing lists will be subscribed to and to them you send newsletters. But there are cases to create a subscriber in the back-end by webmaster. Because of that you got this possibility in the back-end. Test-recipients only may be created in back-end.

How we just learned at the mailing lists, subscribers can be created in the main menu of BwPostman with the button Add subscriber or in the overview of the subscribers with the button New at the tabs Confirmed subscribers and Unconfirmed subscribers. The view Subscriber details appears an one is at the tab New subscriber details.

Test recipients will be created in the main menu of BwPostman with the button Add Test-Recipient or in the overview of the subscribers in the tab Test-Recipients with the button New. The view Test-Recipient details appears an one is at the tab New subscriber details.

Last name and first name must be entered, when it is set to obligatory in the options of BwPostman. There also is no exception in the back-end!

It must be entered at least a mail address for the subscriber. Indeed, BwPostman has to know where to send the newsletter.

The mail format can be selected at Format and is predefined with the value from the options of BwPostman.

The field Confirm only appears when you create a new subscriber. Once a subscriber is confirmed and saved, this field isn't displayed. Since version 3.2.1 of BwPostman this field is displayed also on editing a subscriber as long as it is not confirmed. At test recipients and editing a subscriber it is not displayed.

To Confirm regard the following:
The subscriber gets an automatic mail, that contains a link, with that the subscriber has to confirm his subscription (Double-Opt-In), when the field Confirm is set to unconfirmed. If you want to avoid legal difficulties (sure for Germany), then you shouldn't select confirmed by yourself but you should let confirm the subscription by subscriber!

At the right there are further information of the subscription. Details of registration and details of confirmation. If there is nothing to see at registered by or confirmed by, the subscriber has done it by himself.

Since version 2.1.0 of BwPostman there is a button Print subscriber data at the top if these details. With a click to this button a pop-up is displayed, which shows all in BwPostman available and used data of the subscriber. A click at the button print opens the print dialogue of the browser.

The available mailing lists will be shown below. On the left you find the mailing lists, that ever can be selected in the front-end in general. The state of this mailing lists is Public and they are published.

In the middle there are mailing lists, that only specific user groups may subscribe to in the front-end. These mailing lists are published basically and can be subscribed at front-end, but not for everyone.

At the right there are mailing lists, that only can be assigned in the back-end. These are the mailing lists, that are unpublished, nevertheless to which user group they are assigned to.

The mailing lists are not shown at test-recipients. They will be created in general and get all mailing lists at test sending.

Like noted above someone with appropriate access to the back-end may assign the subscriber to that mailing lists, that are not shown in front-end, for what reasons ever.

While the subscriber has not confirmed his subscription, he will be displayed in the overview at the tab Unconfirmed subscribers. When the subscription is confirmed, the entry moves to the list Confirmed subscribers.

Now something about the rights of the subscribers to select mailing lists:
Guests, that means user, that have no user account in Joomla!®, only are able to register to public mailing lists (access level public and guest). When an user has an account in Joomla!®, then he is able to register to mailing lists, that needs higher permissions – depending on the specification of mailing list and his access level in Joomla!®. In the back-end you can assign each subscriber to all mailing lists you want independent of the predefined access levels.

Archived subscribers and test recipients will not be displayed in the overview!

At the tab Subscriber permissions the permissions or exactly this subscriber may be edited.

At the end of this chapter some helpful hints:
Per mail address it is only possible to create one subscriber. But for the same mail address you can create two test recipients, one test recipient for each mail format. With this a mail address may occur three times in the overviews of the subscribers at maximum.

If a subscriber is added, BwPostman checks back whether this mail address perhaps exists at a registered Joomla!® user. If so, then the corresponding ID will be stored at the subscriber and the subscriber – if he is logged in – gets offered the mailing lists to subscribe, that are available for his access level.

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