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Check and repair tables

With one click to this button the tables were checked by reference to the SQL installation file of the installed version of BwPostman. The result of the check and the repair attempt is shown step by step in an overview. With the button Back in the toolbar you get back to maintenance.

Internally the check works as follows:

First will be checked, if there are all needed tables in place. Missing tables are created. Next will be checked, if there are some tables having BwPostman in their name, but are not needed (e.g. remaining from a previous installed version). These will be deleted if any.

In the next step each table is checked for engine, default character set and primary key and will be corrected if needed.

Following each table will be checked for column names and attributes (also called properties) of the columns. Divergences are corrected, too.

In the second last step the Asset-IDs of the data sets of all tables will be checked. If there is no Asset-ID, there will be an attempt to create one. With a missing Asset-ID it is not possible to delete an item. If creating the Asset-ID fails, then you once have to open the item manually in back-end and save it.

Finally it will be checked, if the entered User-IDs match them of Joomla!® and they will be corrected if needed, too. This happens by comparing the email addresses of the subscribers with the email addresses of the users of Joomla!®.

Well, this is an attempt to find and correct essential errors as well as not as urgent problems. The essential errors are displayed in red, lesser problems occur in yellow-orange. If such appears in the overview, the result follows right below. Only when the result is red there is an error that cannot be corrected automatically.

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