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Restore tables

Restoring tables won't work with one click:

One click to the button Restore tables lends to the view, where you may select the backup file. The click at Start restore starts restoring tables to the database.

With this click all existing tables of BwPostman will be deleted from database and only the backup data are available afterwards!

Since version 2.1.0 of BwPostman the restoring of a backup of BwPostman recognizes, if a backup file is packed and unpacks it automatically before restoring.

Immediately after restoring the tables will be checked by above-mentioned manner to ensure, that the structure of the restored tables fits the installed version. Certainly the result is displayed.

With the button Back you get back to maintenance.

Also important to know:
Restoring of tables only works with backup files made by BwPostman!

Since version 1.3.0 of BwPostman the access rights of the component, the tables and the individual items are saved. Because the access rights are closely related to the user groups, the user groups and their parent groups, for which are assigned access rights for BwPostman, are saved also.

At restoring the tables the structure of the user groups will be restored. While doing so, BwPostman checks by means of the name of the user group, if the user groups deposited at the backup are still present. If this is not the case, BwPostman creates the correlate user group and the parents anew at Joomla!®. For that the access rights of the restored version not to come to nothing, the IDs of the user groups, that are deposited at the access rights, are rewritten to the new Ids.

If against expectations the restoring abort, then this is normally no problem. BwPostman creates a restore point before restoring. Th this restore point will be returned, if something goes wrong while restoring. With this it is fairly ensured, that a running version of BwPostman exists and one is not left empty handed with empty or missing tables.

Unfortunately there are some cases left, where the restoring fails at a manner, that it is not possible to set back to the restore point automatically. In this case You have to intervene manually to the database, with phpMyAdmin for instance. The restore point is a copy of the affected tables with the suffix _tmp. Now its the best time for a backup of Your tables if You not have done so before! If You delete all tables, which are the original to the tables with the suffix _tmp, that means the tables without suffix _tmp, and subsequently remove the suffix _tmp from the copied tables, You should get a running version, though.

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