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Migration of BwPostman to another Joomla!® Installation?

When your read the previous chapters, you may wonder: Am I able to migrate from one Joomla!® installation to another by Save tables and Restore tables?

The answer is: Yes, conditionally and if BwPostman is installed at this installation of Joomla!®.

Mailing lists and campaigns are absolutely not the problem. By this reason – among others – there is the check and pacing of stored User-IDs while check and repair tables, if possible.

There are more difficulties with the newsletters. Beneath the HTML version and text version BwPostman stores the IDs of the articles. If the articles of Joomla!® are exactly the same, that means textual and with ID, then there are absolutely no problems. But if content or IDs differ, or content, to that the newsletter possesses an ID, in the new installation have a completely different article, there will be at last a problem editing the unsent newsletters in the new installation.

Its the best to test such things with a Joomla!® installation that is designated to test, before you do it to a production environment.

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