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This is about:

  • Campaigns
  • Import and export of subscribers
  • Batch processing at subscribers
  • Archive and Restore
  • Delete
  • Check in



Several newsletters, that are build on one another and/or correlate thematically are called campaigns in BwPostman. Campaigns are used e.g. to launch, relaunch or promote a product or a service and in this case have few to do with a common newsletter, that first of all serves for information. Nevertheless the newsletters belonging to campaigns also are displayed in the list of newsletters. Additionally, newsletters of campaigns you can see in the details of the campaign at the particular tabs.

Campaigns may be used, but it is no must. They only give you the ability to give a structure to your newsletters.

Have I to write how to create or edit a campaign? That happens like all other parts of Joomla!® or BwPostman.

A campaign at tab Campaign details owns a title, which is mandatory, and a description, which is useful for orientation. A subscriber does not see this description.

Since version 1.2.0 the recipients of a campaign you set here. Therefore below title and description a section exists, at which you may select mailing lists and/or user groups. It is absolutely the same dialogue like at newsletters.

For information there are listed all newsletters of a campaign at the tabs Unsent newsletters and Sent newsletters.

At the tab Campaign permissions the permissions or exactly this campaign may be edited.


Import and Export

BwPostman offers the ability to import subscribers. The accepted formats are XML and CSV. You also are able to export your subscribers. The used formats are XML and CSV as well.

To see how the data looks like in the respective formats, demo data are supplied. You will find them in the admin-folder of the component (<path-to-your-Joomla-installation>/administrator/components/com_bwpostman). They are named import_demo.csv and import_demo.xml.


Batch Processing at Subscribers

With batch processing at subscribers it is possible to subscribe a further mailing list, to move from one to another mailing list or to unsubscribe from a mailing list multiple subscribers at once. Especially with filter by mailing list this is a very strong tool! Moving only works, if you filter by mailing list. The filtered mailing list is that one, from which the subscribers are taken off.

Batch processing is very simple: Tick the checkbox in front of the subscribers, you want to edit. Then click to the button Batch at the toolbar. A pop-up appears, at which you select the desired mailing list and the action Subscribe, Unsubscribe or Move. A click to Process processes the selected action.


Archive and Restore

Archive is exactly that what the name says: To archive something.

In BwPostman you can archive newsletters as well as subscribers as well as mailing lists and even whole campaigns and templates. All, BwPostman has to deal with, you can archive. And all what is archived, can be restored from the archive. But in the archive you can't change anything except the state of a newsletter.

To archive e.g. a newsletter go to the overview of the newsletters (mostly is wanted to archive sent newsletters), mark the select box it front of the row of one or more newsletter(s) to archive and click in the toolbar at the button Archive. BwPostman shows a confirmation prompt to surely archive the selected newsletters, that you can answer with Ok or Cancel.

For archiving the permission archive is necessary.

For restoring you select the tab newsletter at the archive, select the desired newsletter(s) to restore, and click in toolbar at Restore.

Archiving mailing lists, subscribers, campaigns and templates works the same. At campaigns there is an additional question, whether the newsletters assigned to the campaign shall be archived or restored, too.

For restoring the permissions View archive and Restore are necessary.



The archive contains an additional function: It is not possible to delete something in the lists of newsletters, subscribers, campaigns, mailing lists and templates. Deleting only is possible in the archive. Here, too: Mark the desired to delete in the appropriate tab at the select box and click on Delete at right top. Here also you have to answer a confirmation prompt. And also an additional question appears at campaigns to delete the assigned newsletters or not, too.

For deletion the permissions View archive and Delete are necessary.

Before deleting You should reflect, if You possibly have obligation for verification or retention and the subscriber may not be deleted finally.



The button Check-In you find in each list view of BwPostman. With this button you may check-in entries that are orphaned. You recognise these entries at the lock symbol at the beginning of a row.

Not all entries, that show a lock symbol, are orphaned! Rather in the contrary. The lock symbol shows, that an entry is edited. The entry indeed becomes an orphan, if you don't leave editing of the entry by buttons but closing the browser or tab, the browser or pc crashes or something else.

To check-in tick the checkbox with the lock symbol and click to the button Check-In. To check-in you need administration rights.

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