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Archive and Restore

Archive is exactly that what the name says: To archive something.

In BwPostman you can archive newsletters as well as subscribers as well as mailing lists and even whole campaigns and templates. All, BwPostman has to deal with, you can archive. And all what is archived, can be restored from the archive. But in the archive you can't change anything except the state of a newsletter.

To archive e.g. a newsletter go to the overview of the newsletters (mostly is wanted to archive sent newsletters), mark the select box it front of the row of one or more newsletter(s) to archive and click in the toolbar at the button Archive. BwPostman shows a confirmation prompt to surely archive the selected newsletters, that you can answer with Ok or Cancel.

For archiving the permission archive is necessary.

For restoring you select the tab newsletter at the archive, select the desired newsletter(s) to restore, and click in toolbar at Restore.

Archiving mailing lists, subscribers, campaigns and templates works the same. At campaigns there is an additional question, whether the newsletters assigned to the campaign shall be archived or restored, too.

For restoring the permissions View archive and Restore are necessary.

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