Advanced Use - Campaigns



Several newsletters, that are build on one another and/or correlate thematically are called campaigns in BwPostman. Campaigns are used e.g. to launch, relaunch or promote a product or a service and in this case have few to do with a common newsletter, that first of all serves for information. Nevertheless the newsletters belonging to campaigns also are displayed in the list of newsletters. Additionally, newsletters of campaigns you can see in the details of the campaign at the particular tabs.

Campaigns may be used, but it is no must. They only give you the ability to give a structure to your newsletters.

Have I to write how to create or edit a campaign? That happens like all other parts of Joomla!® or BwPostman.

A campaign at tab Campaign details owns a title, which is mandatory, and a description, which is useful for orientation. A subscriber does not see this description.

Since version 1.2.0 the recipients of a campaign you set here. Therefore below title and description a section exists, at which you may select mailing lists and/or user groups. It is absolutely the same dialogue like at newsletters.

For information there are listed all newsletters of a campaign at the tabs Unsent newsletters and Sent newsletters.

At the tab Campaign permissions the permissions or exactly this campaign may be edited.